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The Italian government has expanded its favorable tax regime for highly-skilled employees coming to Italy to work. Not only is Italy now offering a more favorable preferential expatriate tax regime — a percent tax break to inbound individuals coming to Italy to work who are Italian residents for at least two fiscal years — but it is also now applying equivalent eligibility rules for this regime both to European Union EU citizens and to citizens from countries with which Italy has a tax treaty or an exchange of information agreement. The new law further reduces the taxable base to 50 percent for eligible inbound employees. The benefit lasts for five fiscal years starting with the year in which the individual becomes an Italian tax resident. Originally applicable only to EU citizens, the new law makes the Inbound Expatriate Regime available to citizens from countries with which Italy has a double taxation treaty or an information exchange agreement. We at Studio Associato Consulenza legale e tributaria await important clarifications about how both the and the rules are to be applied. For example, still unclear are the consequences of business trips abroad during the Italian work period, the qualifications of skilled employees, and the types of employment activities. Bilancio di previsione dello Stato per l’anno finanziario e bilancio pluriennale per il triennio Gazzetta Ufficiale Serie Generale n. Ordinario n.

Accommodation in Milan

While not on the same scale as Rome, there is a real presence of a glorious past. Befitting its status as one of the four fashion capitals of the world, Milan’s calendar highlight is perhaps the famed Milan Fashion Week. Outside of the festival, the Quadrilatero della Moda will delight shoppers with a penchant for high fashion.

A section of the International School of Milan, this campus in Monza provides and in Italy, enabling us to keep up-to-date with both curriculum and standards.

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Meeting Locals: International Clubs & Expat Associations in Milan

If you don’t want or are ineligible to qualify for healthcare protection from the country here you normally live, your situation depends on the country where you originally came from. If you wish, you can register with a specific healthcare protection from your country of origin when provided , but you will still pay and benefit from the local system. European Card for Sickness Insurance In case of medical care need when abroad in Europe, it allows European members to get refund for their medical expenses, according to the legal arrangement in the visited country.

It is an individual card with your name, and each family member should have one including children under

The Italian dating scene as seen through the eyes of an American expat in Rome. Finding love in Italy is a complicated thing. Proceed at your own peril.

Then I decided to spend the fall semester of my junior year abroad in Florence, Italy. My roommates during my sophomore year had both studied in Italy and raved about their time. They gushed about the panini from a little shop around the corner from the picturesque villas that housed their study program, and regaled me with stories of fun parties and their Italian romances. I was ready for that to be my life: fun, food and a European love story.

But I was so caught up in my excitement that I neglected a crucial difference between me, my roommates and the majority of the other students I was studying with abroad. They were white.

Relocation Milan

One theory holds that the Latin name Mediolanum comes from the Latin words medio in the middle and planus plain , [unreliable source? Hence, Mediolanum could signify the central town or sanctuary of a Celtic tribe. This is no time to sit back!

“I think you are the most difficult date of my life.” It is a gloriously warm October Saturday evening in Milan and things aren’t going terribly well.

I started this blog as a writing outlet for me to share what it is I adore about the beautiful city of Florence and Italy also sharing travel tips and stories along the way. Now ‘Girl in Florence’ includes advice for Florence, artisan features, interviews with locals, tips for life in Italy and travel posts from all over Europe.

I’ve just found 10, ways that won’t work. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Since living in Italy since — I have definitely gone through my own personal ups and downs adjusting to life in beautiful Florence. Sometimes I think us english-speakers would have a more meaningful time, and speak more Italian if we were in a smaller town surrounded by only Italian speakers etc.

For me at least, this is sometimes true and but more often not. Life long-term in another country can come with all sorts of unexpected challenges and what matters more is how you deal with it. One key part of adapting and just to keep yourself mentally sane is to be able to take what people say with a grain of salt and remember that a successful discourse involves getting your point across without making an enemy.

Moving to Italy

This popularity may come as a challenge to the expats who are in search of accommodation in this global fashion trendsetter. While properties in Milan are some of the most expensive in Italy, there is a far greater choice in the types of housing units available to rent. Like in most Italian cities, apartments and room rental are quite common, but for expats who lack the knowledge of the areas and the language, this task can be very demanding. In search of better living conditions, whether it is a spacious apartment in the suburbs or a good location, one will have to rely on the efficient transport system and sound knowledge of the Milanese suburbs.

Milan is a huge city, divided into nine different boroughs.

While in Milan, Italy I treated myself to some romantic and indulgent experiences. had a great conversation about places we had both traveled, expat life and his love of the opera. Have you ever treated yourself to a romantic ‘date night’?

Here is a list of things that have worked for us, and places I especially love that have made living life abroad a bit easier. Scroll to the bottom for the map that goes with this post. Food is delicious and plentiful in Milan, but it can be tricky to find special ingredients to make international dishes, such as Asian food or Tex-Mex. Here are my favorite spots to find these elusive ingredients. Kathay is a beautiful store in Chinatown with international foods from all over the globe including hard to find American, British, and Asian products.

You will find an excellent selection of spices, tofu, wasabi, and organic foods, as well as wines, whiskey, beer, sake, spirits, and non- alcoholic beverages. They also sell gorgeous gifts, tea sets, dishes, kitchen tools, cookbooks and more. Super Polo is a small chain of stores with several locations in Milan. They specialize in organic and international food.

Living in Milan

Our team of experts is ready to help you find a home abroad, move your household goods, and settle into your new country. If moving to Italy is part of your plans, our comprehensive guide gives you all the steps to move to Italy, from getting a visa, to registering for healthcare, paying takes, getting a bank account, finding schools, and more. Find out if you meet the requirements for moving to Italy—be warned these are quite different for EU citizens and non-EU citizens in most aspects.

Need to move abroad? Organizing an international relocation is not something you should do on your own.

How to Find a Date. Expatica Milan – Are you an Expatriate Single in Milan looking for True Love? No matter what your.

Every week we organise several great events, from delightful coffee mornings to guided museum visits, and from lectures to full day and weekend trips. Feel free to join us. Membership is not required for most events. Experience the lush green Ardennes during a lovely kayaking trip over the Lesse River including return train ticket. Join us to discover the story of Victor Horta, the undisputed leader of Art Nouveau architects in Belgium.

A weekend fully dedicated to the discovery of the Bourgogne’s Route des Grands Crus and its lovely towns and vineyards! With its many canals Giethoorn is Holland’s most idyllic village, whereas Urk is one of the nicest fishing villages. Visit the mysterious Mont Saint-Michel, with its medieval abbey, lovely village and one of the highest tides in the world. Travel a day long through the lovely country Luxembourg, with visits to a castle, a nature reserve and lovely towns.

A perfect weekend cruise trip over the Rhine River with many castles, ruins, villages and a gorgeous scenery.

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