The 10 Most Hilarious Episodes of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

Dee begins dating an amateur rapper who Dennis thinks is mentally retarded. Meanwhile, Frank , Charlie , and Mac start their own band but can’t agree on what type of music they should play. Dee introduces The Gang to her new boyfriend—an up-and-coming rapper named Lil’ Kevin. When he leaves for the recording studio, Dennis informs Dee that her boyfriend—real name Kevin Gallagher—is retarded. He remembers Kevin attended special needs classes in elementary school. His sister refuses to believe him. Now, with Dee on a mission to prove her brother wrong, Mac has a pitch for the gang.

20 Best ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Episodes

The season contains 13 episodes and concluded airing on November 20, The Gang gets even crazier this season when Sweet Dee and Charlie become cannibals while Mac and Dennis decide to hunt humans for sport. Later, the gang hatches a plot to counter soaring prices at the pump by stealing and reselling gasoline, then try living the healthy life—by scamming their way to free medical insurance, but not before trying to prove that Paddy’s Pub is historically relevant, and kidnapping a newspaper critic who panned their bar.

Dee and Frank set out to stop Bruce Mathis Dee and Dennis’s biological father from donating Barbara’s inheritance to a community center for Muslims while Charlie and Mac fake their deaths to escape Mac’s convict father, Luther, who vowed in “Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender” to get revenge on the two of them for screwing up his plan to make amends with the people he terrorized before he was sent away to prison for the first time. This season also sees Frank holding a contest to find a new billboard model for the bar and the gang trying to bring good karma to a Hispanic family by rebuilding their hovel.

Dennis’ erotic memoirs land him in a mental hospital with comedian Sinbad and Matchbox Twenty lead singer, Rob Thomas.

Season 3 Episode 9: “Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person”. paint Dennis and Charlie come up with a brand new song called Day Man.

Charlie Day once called the show’s opening credits sequence the cheapest credits ever, saying they shot the montage footage on a digital camera while driving around Philadelphia one night. For some reason the gag never gets old. The correct answer is D. She also reminds the gang of a giant, bird-like creature, hence the nickname, Bird. The correct answer is all of the above. Charlie was the co-owner at Paddy’s Pub, but traded all his stocks for “goods and services”, half a sandwich, and other undisclosed reasons.

Sweet dee’s dating a retarded person song But the connection is far too loose Happy hooker outdoors

But that would soon change. Sunny ‘s transformation from little-show-that-could to cult hit began in , during the series’ third season, with an episode that finds Dee dating a successful local rapper. Not to be outdone, the rest of the gang decides to start a band of their own, which cycles through a variety of lineups, musical styles, and band names throughout the episode Chemical Toilet did have a certain ring.

There was just one problem: When they got into the editing room, they ended up hating the episode.

for REAL SAYING RETARDED HOURS *AIR HORN AIR HORN*. It’s a classic episode with the nightman song and a lot of saying the R word.

Oh, Dee, secretly the funniest member of the whole ensemble. After being abandoned by the guys during a mugging, she decides to take up boxing and, naturally, steroids all while Dennis and Mac start a fight club. Best part of the episode? Dee punching a hole in the wall. The real good stuff is found within the Rashomon -esque flashbacks to a drunken Halloween party as they all try to figure out the mystery — and as Dee becomes increasingly birdlike, until she literally is a bird.

For Season 7, Rob McElhenney gained about 50 pounds for no real reason, other than the fact that they all thought it would be funny. The gang, plus the return of scorned characters Rickety Cricket and The Waitress, are all competing to win a dance contest. If they lose, they lose the bar. These are all tiny and incredibly strange revelations, but they make so much sense. Pretty bold for only the second episode of the first season! Every scene is funnier than last, and it continues for a full hour.

What makes this episode so inventive is that it only features the five main players of the show and takes place entirely in one room of the bar, but it never stops being funny. Where to even start with this one?

‘Sunny’ shines on

Look back at the leading ladies of the s who made their mark with iconic roles and some major hairstyles, too. See the gallery. While Dennis and Dee try to figure out if the rapper Dee is dating has a mental handicap or not, Charlie, Mac, and Frank try to start their own band without knowledge of how to play musical instruments. Seeing Danny Devito trying not to break while Charlie sings Nightman is worth the price of admission, whether that admission price be DVD, Cable, electric bill, internet bill, etc.

This episode is one of the quintessential episodes of Always Sunny. The storyline with Kevin the rapper isn’t the best Always Sunny side-story, but an A- isn’t a bad thing.

Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person, Epi 9. location: home The song that came from his mind which is called a freestyle was about Dee.

When “The Gang Recycles The Trash” after the local garbage men go on strike they decide the best way to go about things is in the classiest way possible. Luckily people are desperate to get rid of their trash despite not having the patience to sit through an entire musical number. When Frank runs into the bar with such panic he falls over and breaks his nose, it’s because he accidentally signs the bar up for a children’s beauty pageant.

Then when they realize that this is another platform to perform themselves, they jump at the opportunity. On top of that, they also appear to be part of a musical and the episodes refrain is the song “What Are The Rules” which reappears every-time our heroes try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Are they trapped in The Wiz, the film they were watching before the accident?

Just what are the rules!? Needless to say, the moms in the audience aren’t impressed. His epic soliloquy “How Did They Know” is a lament of missing his past Hollywood lifestyle and coming to terms with his new role as a cleaner. Mac, Dennis, and Charlie form a stable called the Birds of War and perform their own theme during their ring entrance. When “The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award” they change everything about themselves in order to gain some respect from the best bar of the year judges.

Unfortunately, Charlie has been locked in the basement huffing paint and decides to perform his decisively less cheery tune about the spiders that live in his soul.

Charlie Day: Charlie Kelly

In retrospect, it’s hard to believe the gang hasn’t formed a band before now. When you’re talking style over substance, you’re talking rock and roll. And isn’t that the whole Sunny premise? Surprisingly enough, three out of the four potential rockers seem to have some musical ability: Dennis has the DeYoung vibrato, Charlie “gets” keyboards and fancies himself a Dylanesque poet, and Mac at least knows how to form a power chord.

Is it looking good with a guitar?

Frank Sets Sweet Dee On Fire” (Season 3, Episode 8) “Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person” (Season 3, Episode 9) Flag, and Eagle” song, which was actually improvised by Charlie Day, who had forgotten the lyrics in.

According to Mac, an ocular pat-down is a visual threat assessment performed by Paddy’s head of security. While he never successfully performed one, his cousin Country Mac who appears in Season 9’s episode “Mac Day” has, which impresses the gang. As for Mac, the gang laughs at his attempts. Project Badass is a series of videos of Mac performing stunts.

Just like Jackass , Mac talks to the camera and explains the stunt he is about to perform. While they aren’t impressive, they’re still hilarious. Not to mention Dennis and Charlie believe Mac creates these videos to impress them because he’s secretly in love with them. What originally was supposed to be news about a company at a stockholders meeting, Mac and Charlie use as an opportunity to sell their pitch for a fitness drink called Fight Milk. The ingredients? Crows’ eggs, milk, and booze.

While the gang has different ideas for merchandise for the bar, Mac comes up with the idea of a Dick Towel. He also mentions that he created the website , which is fully functional IRL. Much different than Mac’s dick towel, Charlie’s invention is Kitten Mittens, originally Kitten Mittons due to Charlie’s illiteracy, is the reason the rest of the gang begins to brainstorm their ideas for merchandising. This is a game created by the gang minus Frank to play when they’re bored.

11 Times The “Always Sunny” Gang Was Really Fucking Innovative

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An atrocious episode that counts as the show’s worst to date, inarguably. “​Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person” (Season 3, Episode 9) Most notable for the introduction of “The Nightman,” Charlie’s song about a man.

It starts of with Charlie talking about Lil Kev having a little hand person foot, Dennis’ point tally on whether or not Dee’s boyfriend is retarded, Frank and crew the to start a band, Charlie dressing the Bob Dylan and talking about “Holland Oates”, Lil Kev laughing at the “movie” and looking directly at the camera, and to top it all off, season debut of two HOT music singles, “Nightman” and “Dayman”.

Just WAY too many things too mention on how great this episode was!!!! Fighter of the Nightman. Champion of the Sun. You’re a master of karate and friendship, for everyone. A dayman. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream wiki the Prime Video. Person your free trial. Find showtimes, retarded trailers, browse photos, track your Dating and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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